50 Greatest Golf Tips

50 Greatest Golf Tips: Make That Dream Round a Reality

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John Richardson

Fifty tips to improve your game that really work.

Number of Pages: 128
Published: 5 June 2014

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Product Description

Do you want to play a par round as described by John Richardson in his bestselling book Dream On? Here are the proven tips that can make your dream round a reality, including brilliant advice on improving your swing, putting and the short game, and the all-important mind games that can give you the edge.

Since John completed his Dream On challenge he has delved deeply into how golfers can really improve their game. From reading countless books to meeting some of the best coaches and players in the world, John and the golfers in his community have gathered the very best tips and then obsessively tested them to see which really work. In this book, he brings them together for the first time.

Where Dream On told the story of the challenge, 50 Greatest Golf Tips gives the brand new, hardworking, practical information on how John achieved the seemingly impossible. Essential reading for all those readers of Dream On who wanted more specific detail, and for any golfer who wants to improve their game. 

2 reviews for 50 Greatest Golf Tips: Make That Dream Round a Reality

  1. table59
    5 out of 5


    This is great!

  2. Stuart
    5 out of 5


    I need to qualify right from the start that I’m in no way, shape or form a golfer!

    I probably have played 5 rounds of golf in the last dozen years or so which to me as I write this is very strange because I really like the game! I watch the majors & Ryder Cup with all an incredible amount of enjoyment & passion. When I have played it’s been done with a huge smile on my face even though my scoring has been er, erratic to say the least!

    Golf is a game that I keep saying ‘I will challenge myself to play regularly with more skill’ then do nothing about…

    However, for the last couple of months I have found myself starting to look at golf tips books & magazines in a bid to start me on the path. The one thing that immediately jumped out at me was how contradictory they were. I mean, where do I start.

    Then I came across John Richardson’s 50 Greatest Golf Tips. I vaguely remember reading John’s book ‘Dream On’ a few years ago & really enjoyed it so I took the plunge & picked up a copy.

    As a golf tips book it really tries to simplify this wonderfully complex game (that’s a good thing, especially for me!) But I found myself relating even more to the tips in a business & life kind of way.

    It’s fantastic to read not only the tips but John’s inspirations & real life stories behind them.

    I thoroughly recommend this book to those interested in improving their game & those who enjoy a fascinating & wonderfully written book!

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