Asking for Trouble

The Story of an Escapade with Disproportionate Consequences

Patricia Craig

Now an eminent writer and critic, Patricia Craig was expelled from her convent grammar school at a time when girls from respectable families were never kicked out of school, and certainly not when the ‘offence’ was carrying-on with boys in the sand dunes in the Donegal Gaeltacht while attending an Irish language summer school.

Asking for Trouble is an absorbing coming-of-age memoir, and an entertaining account of religious identities, family relationships and growing up in 1950s Belfast and Donegal.

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The story of how a Belfast schoolgirl was expelled from St Dominics on the Falls Road in Belfast in 1959, and how that event went on to shape the rest of her life.


Format: Paperback / Softback

ISBN / EAN: 9780856408083

Published On: 7 September, 2007

Page Count: 240

Publisher: Blackstaff Press

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