Bookstart Cuts – Publishing Ireland Expresses Disappointment

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Losing Valuable Resource ‘a Shame,’ says Patsy Horton.

Publishing Ireland joins Booktrust in expressing its disappointment at the Northern Ireland government’s decision to cut its Bookstart funding. ‘For children to lose such an important and valuable resource really is a shame,’ says Patsy Horton, president of Publishing Ireland. ‘It is important for the cultural and creative industries to support one another in a time of increasing difficulty with funding and we would like to express our support for what is certainly a vital service for education and literacy.’ School library budgets in particular have been consistently cut of late and when we consider a climate where one in ten Irish children leaves primary school with serious literacy problems (rising to one in three in disadvantaged areas), we must raise concerns as to diminishing resources.

As the cultural and creative industries face increasing pressure to secure funding there has never been a greater need to fight and fight hard for such services and we do hope that alternative funding may be found for Bookstart as soon as possible.

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