Balmoral Cemetery: The History of Belfast, Written in Stone by Tom Hartley


Tom Hartley uses the story of Balmoral Cemetery to examine key events in Belfast’s history, industries and politics, and looks at the careers of the many people buried there.

Reviewed by Joe Cushnan

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Product Description

When Tom Hartley began his research on the history of Balmoral Cemetery – originally known as Belfast Cemetery, Malone – he did not anticipate that it would take him on a journey of discovery into the dynamic history of Belfast Presbyterianism and of Belfast itself.

From the prominent conservative nineteenth-century Presbyterian minister the Reverend Henry Cooke to the suffragist Isabella Tod, and including the powerful Presbyterian ministers and lay members of its various Belfast churches, this story embraces narrative of schisms and controversy, details the formation and disappearance of congregations, outlines the temperance and missionary work undertaken by Belfast Presbyterians, and explores the historic connections with Scottish Presbyterianism.