Lines of Development in Primary Maths

Lines of Development in Primary Maths:


Mary Deboys and Eunice Pitt

The bestselling, indispensable guide for all teachers of primary maths

Number of Pages: 344
Published: 10 January 1980

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Product Description

One of the most useful teaching resources available for teachers of primary mathematics. It covers the whole mathematical curriculum for primary-age children – the book is divided into sections by age (5–7 years, 7–9 years, 9–11+ years); in each section the development of topics follows a similar pattern and is set out in a framework at the beginning so that the full range of ideas is clearly presented.The topics covered include: sets, number, pictorial representation, shape (2D and 3D), volume/capacity, area, length, weight, time and money.

It’s an invaluable aid to any primary school teacher in planning classes and gives a helpful outline of the progression of skills that children can be expected to follow.


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