The Ulster Fry: The news as it should be


Irreverent, bold and laugh-out-loud funny, ‘The News as it Should Be’ brings together the very best stories from The Ulster Fry

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Product Description

The Ulster Fry is Northern Ireland’s leading satirical news website. Irreverent, bold and laugh-out-loud funny, this book brings together the very best stories from the site, covering everything from the real reason Jackie Fullerton left the BBC
and the launch of Belfast’s first Beard Garden to Edwin Poots’ sexy new restaurant Pooters and the UN’s peacekeeping force of Tyrone mammies, bound for the Holylands on Paddy’s Day.
‘Being an international superstar means I’m constantly on the move. My favourite way of keeping up with all events Norn Irish is The Ulster Fry. It’s even better than the Coleraine Chronicle.’
James Nesbitt, OBE, international superstar
‘Events have conspired throughout history to give the people of Norn Iron a keenly wicked sense of humour, which has reached its dark zenith in the brilliant work by the team at The Ulster Fry.’
Phil Jupitus, comic legend
‘The Ulster Fry. So funny I might steal some of their brilliant jokes … well, I say “might” …’
Tim McGarry, national treasure
‘Part of a balanced diet for anyone falling into the trap of taking NI politics too seriously!’
Mick Fealty, Slugger O’Toole, political guru
‘CSI Plumbridge, Pure Derry … and now The Ulster Fry. Maybe evolution does exist after all. We need satire. More
than most places and The ’Fry has now earned its place as our foremost satirical staple.’
Mark Patterson, BBC broadcaster and local hero