Celebrating all things Norn Iron!

This week, coming up to the Balmoral Show, and as the world looks towards the Ukraine for Eurovision, we want to celebrate all things Norn Iron. Sure, isn’t our wee culture just as excitin’ as them Europeans’? And isn’t Norn Irish practically a language in and of itself?

So to celebrate how class we Norn Irish ones are, Blackstaff are offering the chance to win a copy of ‘Sure Why Would Ye Not?’ by Rodney Edwards. All we’d like you to do is share and leave a comment on our Twitter post with your favourite Northern Irish-isms, past or present, with a bonus entry for anyone who leaves an example.

Mine for example, is ‘wick’, as in rubbish. “Like, all modern music is wick – I prefer Daniel O’Donnell …”

So get on over to our Twitter page and let us know your favourite … and, come on lads, keep it clean!

*Competition runs until Monday 15 May 2017 *