Submission Guidelines

Thank you for thinking of sending your work to Blackstaff Press. We do accept unsolicited manuscripts, and we have published a lot of books that have arrived with us in this way. Some of our favourites are The Blue Cabin by Michael Faulkner, Sister Kate by Kate O’Hanlon and Search Dogs & Me by Neil Powell.

Please read all the information below before you submit your work to us. If you still have any outstanding questions about your submission, please ring us on +44 (0) 28 9182 0505 or send an email to

Is your book a good fit for our list?

  • We publish books that appeal to the Irish market (north and south). If you and your book don’t have any connection to Ireland, we probably aren’t the right publisher for you.
  • We are much more likely to publish your book if it is a good fit for our list – i.e. if it fits into the same category as some of our other titles
  • We are much more likely to publish your book if it’s non fiction. In 2012 we published 12 new books of which 4 were novels; in 2013 we published 14 new books of which 3 were novels.
  • We do not accept poetry submissions.
  • We publish some children’s books, but not many – the ones that we do publish tend to have an especially strong local angle.
  • We have published some fantasy titles but, again, these have had a strong local angle. We do not publish ‘high’ fantasy or science-fiction.

Submitting your book to Blackstaff Press

If, having read the key points above, you feel that your book is a good fit for us, please send us a covering letter, a synopsis and 3 or 4 sample chapters, bearing in mind the following:

  • We do not accept handwritten submissions
  • Use your covering letter to tell us why your book is a good fit for Blackstaff’s list and why it will sell in significant quantities
  • Avoid telling us about the other unpublished books you have written: focus on the book you are submitting
  • But if you have written a book that has sold well in the past, we’d love to hear about it
  • Preferably send consecutive chapters
  • We are happy to look at self-published projects – with your submission, please also send sales figures and information about any media coverage
  • We know that a strong social media presence helps profile and sales so we love to hear from prospective authors who are active on Twitter or who have thousands of Facebook friends or who are world leaders in the way they use Pinterest to promote their work …
  • We would love to hear about any good ideas that you have to help to promote and sell your book.
  • We would also like to know who you think will buy your book – but generic statements like ‘the Irish diaspora’ and ‘anyone who loves a good story’ are too general to be helpful.
  • Please don’t send us any irreplaceable material, such as photographs, original documents etc.

Our response

An editor reads every submission that comes in. We try to reply to authors who have submitted to us within a couple of months, but at busy times, the wait may be as long as six months. We aren’t able to offer analysis and feedback to every author who submits their work to us, and we are only able to return work if you send us a stamped addressed envelope.

  • Please note that we do not accept submissions by email, only as hard copy.  Please send your submission to –  Submissions, Blackstaff Press, Colourpoint House, Jubilee Business Park, 21 Jubilee Road, Newtownards, BT23 4YH