Victory in Italy

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While the main focus in early 1945 was on the advance to The Fatherland, 15 Army Group's 5th (US) and 8th (British) Armies were achieving remarkable results in Northern Italy.

Superb generalship (Truscott – 5th Army and McCreery – 8th Army under General Mark Clark's 15 Army Group), planning, preparation and training outweighed the diversion of major formations to NW Europe, the appalling terrain, harsh climate and general battle fatigue. Equipment was improvised and air/ground operations coordinated to a very high level. In April the Allied offensive surprised the Germans with its speed and brilliance. As a result the Germans capitulated on 2 May before the surrender in Germany. Churchill wrote to Field Marshal Alexander on 29 April 1945 – 'I rejoice in the magnificently planned and executed operations of 15th Group of Armies'. Praise indeed.

Field Marshal Alexander was Irish and both Generals McCreery and Truscott were of Irish descent. In addition, the Irish Brigade of 78th Division played a major part in the campaign; the brigade included 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers, 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and 2nd London Irish Rifles. The North Irish Horse and 1st London Irish Rifles also fought in the campaign. 

This is a masterly description and analysis of this victorious campaign.



  • Format: Hardback
  • Published On: 07 January 2015
  • Publisher: Pen & Sword Books
  • ISBN / EAN: 9781783462988
  • Page Count: 246